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That said, there are dozens of paid and free web monitoring solutions out there. For those willing to set up a server, install, and configure it, this tool offers a nice range of monitoring checks, plus some nice-to-have notification options.

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We have researched more than 20 pieces of monitoring software for your website , and the solution that came top was gingpetchcooper.tk What are this year's BEST website monitoring tools? We reviewed the top site monitoring software available that can help improve your website.

Data is saved to an InfluxDB database, with long-term statistics visible via Grafana. Used by some of the big websites like Expedia, Fandango, and Nginx, this service has been around almost a decade with a reputation built on customer service and reliability. They check your site every 5 minutes from 12 locations around the globe, with 2 months of logging retention. The paid tier allows checks more frequently down to 1-minute intervals ; offers more alert options; and maintains logs for a longer duration. With plans ranging from free to hundreds of dollars a month, you can choose exactly which features and granularity you need.

The free plan allows 5-minute checks and a range of tools not found in other services, including server health checks, multi-site network monitoring, and custom metrics. The free tier limits users to three URLs, checked every 30 minutes. You rely on notifications to understand how the website is performing.

Web Monitoring Software

However, a full REST API is an interesting additional option, allowing customers of all tiers of service to build automation into their usage. Started in , this is one of the granddaddies of monitoring-as-a-service companies. Network and users activity monitoring, HelpDesk, hardware and software inventory and data security.

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Axence nVision Pro provides network and user activity monitoring, software and hardware inventory, data leak prevention, remote control, and a wide range of reports, alerts and corrective actions - all with a user-friendly interface. Axence nVision Pro is an integrated tool for IT management. E-Z Audit is the leading PC audit program, used worldwide since by many of the most prestigious companies, government agencies, educational and institutional users.

When Integrated InboxGuaridan acts as a middle man between your email server mail box and your email application Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

InboxGuardian sorts through all your email and only makes valid email available to your email application. Don't worry, you still have full control over every email you receive. To keep on top of what's happening with all of those moving parts, youneed an easy-to-use, reliable monitoring solution that enables you toget a leg up on problems before you get swamped with calls from thosehigh-maintenance users over in accounting.

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ManageEngine Applications Manager is an availability and performance management software that helps businesses to ensure high availability and performance for their business applications. Gain clear visibility of your IT systems - from anywhere - with these cloud-based monitoring tools. End-to-end monitoring provides a complete understanding of network and application performance as experienced by customers.

Netmon is a comprehensive network monitoring appliance which gives you a complete perspective of your network from a variety of vantage points. Imagine adding a thousand pairs of eyes to your network, each working 24hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor critical operational metrics:. Right Web Monitor is a handy feature-rich tool that helps you detect changes in all kinds of web resources web pages and FTP folders, applications, images, mailboxes or any other.

Site24x7 is an online website monitoring service which continuously checks the availability of your websites and web apps at regular time intervals from across 35 different monitoring locations.

Website performance monitoring platform

If your site is found to be down or unavailable, it immediately notifies you via Email, SMS, Twitter or RSS so that you can take corrective actions quickly before it affects end users. Site Vigil is a sophisticated web site monitoring tool that lets you thoroughly check your site. Improve the effectiveness of your web site by tracking the flow of visitors.

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SmarterStats is a comprehensive Web log analytics tool that cost-effectively delivers relevant, accurate and detailed Web site statistics to help businesses increase conversions and maximize ROI. AlertBot's TrueBrowser Monitoring provides best-in-class website monitoring using its TrueBrowser technology to launch real web browsers and test websites inside those browsers.

WAPT is a load and stress testing tool that lets you easily analyze the performance of your web site. It can be a mobile application, a web service or a customized ERP system. Web Transaction Monitor allows end-to-end monitoring of web applications and e-commerce sites such as internet shops, by simulating the steps of real user activity so the tool lets you constantly monitor real user experience to be sure your online shop or enterprise web application performs well. The tool notifies you if performance becomes unacceptable. Web Transaction Monitor allows end-to-end monitoringof web applications and e-commerce sites such as internet shops, bysimulating the steps of real user activity.

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WebSpy Vantage is a web reporting tool that automates the process of importing log data from over common network devices, transforming it into useful information, and securely delivering meaningful reports to the right person. Website monitoring software for the people who need to know their sites are up and running at all times. Shortcut Menu Sponsor Submit Contact us. You are here: MonitorTools. Company: ActiveXperts Software B.

Internet: www. Company: Jgsoft Associates. Company: Information Packaging. You can fine-tune later. T values of all hard disks supporting smart. With agent-less monitoring you can check if any TCP port is listening for connections to verify services, e. The response status code is checked against your specification. You can also check if a given string inside the returned html of a website is present. Javascript is not interpreted, and related assets like CSS, JS, and images are not downloaded or checked. This is done by installing a local data collector - called Frontman - inside your intranet.

What Uptrends can monitor and how often

Frontman can be installed on any Windows or Linux server. Frontman performs all agent-less checks and the web checks inside your network.

This is our fair pricing model: You pay only what you really use. Other monitoring tools often charge per server per month. We charge only what you effectively use per day. If you stop monitoring a server, you stop paying that day, and not at the end of the month.

10 Best Network Monitoring Tools & Software of 12222

You only pay for the exact number of hosts you use. With our upcoming API and the command line interface you can integrate the host creation and an automated configuration into scripts and tools like Ansible, Salt, Puppet, and many more. Our MSI package supports a fully unattended installation. Examples for Bash and Powershell will be provided. Yes, it is. With Frontman - our local data collector - you can "ping" every IP-based device, e. Many IoT-devices run an embedded web server, which can be supervised by our web checks, even inside an intranet.

CloudRadar is easy to configure for new and experienced users and takes only minutes to get started. CloudRadar was developed after having worked with almost every monitoring tool on the market. CloudRadar is the reliable, affordable and easy-to-use monitoring solution for your servers, networks and web-assets, built by techs for techs.