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Apart from checking for compatibility, I would also advise you to check the features offered as they are slightly different for each platform and release. The Basic Package is as it sounds and comes packed with full standard monitoring features such as web history, call logs, GPS tracking, text monitoring and more. Note that although there's really now free trial for this software, Mobile Spy is still materially cheaper than any of its decent competitors.

Obviously, long-term contracts offer better value for money. The one-month package is only better if you need to monitor a device for a short time.

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I have unexpected charges on my Verizon bill that are not mine. Tokyo hotel performs emergency update to patch vulnerability exposed by ethical hacker. You will be able to compare and choose the most suitable app for your needs. Read about the latest scams and frauds. I have charges for phone calls I did not make. Keylogger captures all characters tapped on the target device and display them in your TheTruthSpy Control Panel. Spy Phone Review wants to help and wants to hear from anyone who has used or is currently using Highster Mobile and wants to know of their experiences in using the product.

With this app, you can monitor multiple devices from a single dashboard. Criminals can open new accounts, get payday loans, and even file tax returns in your name.

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Start Membership. Speak to a live agent LifeLock and Norton are now part of one company giving you all-in-one protection for your identity, devices and online privacy.

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Start your protection. Enroll and install in minutes.

Identity theft protection benefits. Device security benefits. Show Details. Important Information The credit scores provided are VantageScore 3.

Personal Expense Compensation. Reimbursement of Stolen Funds.

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Coverage for Lawyers and Experts. Trusted by millions for a reason. I almost lost my job because someone used my driver's license and received 8 violations. Not only was my credit ruined, but I wasn't even able to use my identity for my own purposes. Someone took out a student loan using my Social Security number and defaulted.

Join millions of Norton LifeLock members.

They have thwarted attempts at my personal information twice in the past month. I would probably have never known of these if I hadn't had LifeLock. Thanks for taking care of this, LifeLock. I was asked to verify if it was me. When I said no the account was stopped. It made me feel thankful that someone was looking out for me. Icon was already hidden so SMS command had no effect.

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Security1software,LLC is located at 30 N. I downloaded the app for a free 1 week trial to see if its what i wanted and it wasn't so i went to cancel my 1 week free trail but i can't. I go to the subscrpition page and open the email to cancel it but the email won't go because it says i haven't filled out the correct information.

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Well i have filled in the corect information but it won't go. There is no telephone number to call them. They will take my money after the 1 week free trial because there is no way to cancel it. I'm gonna cancel my credit card to stop them taking the money but it's a hassle and a SCAM! Don't fall for it.

Easy way to track a cell phone is by GPS tracking. For more details on How to track a cell phone, check the link - http: I have no pity for any of you losers who think it is OK to spy on people's private cell conversations.

Easy Spy App Review & Free Trial: Legit or Scam? {12222 Update}

You deserve to get screwed for even thinking about buying such an illegal and EVIL product. Have a nice day! I bought this product with extension. The site is a scam! The online help is always offline ie. The customer service emails are provided by a third party, the software does not work, and despite continual assurances of a refund, it will never eventuate.

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I have tried to install this product on three different kinds of phones. I requested assistance and received an automated reply, reiterating the same information in the user manual. The instructions tell the customer how to download and transfer the software to the phone. It does not, however, tell you how to launch the application or offer troubleshooting tips if the software does not work. The terms and conditions refer to a no-refund policy and their help document states that they can not help you with the specific phones and to contact a computer administrator.